Sewing in the comfort of your own home is fun and can serve as a kind of meditation. Many of the most common issues with our clothes can and should be repaired by hand, such as small holes (even those in awkward places!), buttons, invisible stitches, and darning. For some issues you will need a sewing machine, and on the Equipment page we have listed places in Copenhagen where you can find them to rent or use. 


These are no reason to throw your clothes out.
Repair & Wear, save the environment and save your wallet!

Find your issue in the overview below, and get a curated overview of the equipment you need, the technique and how to do it in practice. 


in elbow







Rip in  jeans

or trousers

Small hole

in cotton

Hole in 


Small hole

in knit

Medium hole in cotton 



The basics


The basics







Sew button


Hole in socks



Small hole in knit



Hole in elbow

For holes in the elbow area, it´s best to use a patch when fixing. The video uses a sticky patch that can be purchased at sewing stores or some big super markets, or you can create them yourself with leftover fabric.


Check out the basic technique video to learn the running stitch and the example video showing you how to do it in more detail. And remember that you can also play around, for example by using the blanket stitch around, which gives the repair a different style. 

Basic technique





Ripped crotch in jeans


The crotch area of your jeans are easily worn out and then they might rip with a sudden movement, like squatting or showing off your karate moves. 


But don't worry - the area can be fixed almost invisibly, so you don't have to go out there and buy a new pair of jeans!


Burst seam

A very common issue in the fast fashion world is seams that burst or unravel. Annoying – we know!

But there is an easy fix for that.

Check out the basic technique in this video to learn the backstitch and the example video showing you how to fix the seam in detail.
All you need is matching yarn and a needle.


Basic technique



Broken hem


Hems can rip or unravel easily.


The catch stitch can help you repair it invisibly without seeing the thread.

Just grab some pins, thread and a needle and follow the instructions.


Basic technique

Rip in jeans or trousers



Ripped jeans are in fashion, but sometimes the rip is in the wrong place. No problem!
Just find some matching thread and a needle and get repairfecting.


Check out the basic technique video to learn the stitch needed for fixing the rip.

Then watch the example video showing how it´s done in detail.

A good idea is to use a thin needle if the fabric is very delicate, to avoid creating small holes. 

Basic technique



Small hole in cotton


Those small holes are very common and very annoying. Luckily, they are also quick to fix.


But be detailed and pay attention when you do it, to avoid your repair from showing (unless you want to rock that #repairfect look ;).

There isn't really a basic technique for this one, it is more about paying attention to the hole you have and delicately stitching it together.


Check out the video to see it done.


Medium hole in cotton


A hole in a favorite sweatshirt or pants - we've all been there. Luckily, there is no need to toss your favorite item.


When the hole is a little bit bigger, it's a good idea to repair it by using fusible interfacing and a sewing machine to really make it last.


The fusible interfacing might sound fancy and difficult to find, but most big stores have them, and sewing stores definitely do. If you don't have a sewing machine, this can also be done by hand. 


This technique is a bit more advanced, but yields fantastic results!




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