The vision behind Repairfect is to enable people to take care of and keep their beloved clothes for longer.
Today, too many items end up in the trash bin long before they should, simply because of small imperfections.
By repairing you save the environment and your wallet.

In the beginning of 2020, several members of Global Shapers Copenhagen wanted to figure out why people don’t repair their clothes. And the answers we got were mixed between a lack of knowledge or access to equipment, and mistrust (or cost) of tailors in Copenhagen. 

At the same time, we started looking for other organizations that are working with repair, and realized that there is actually a lot of content already out there. Online tutorials on how to sew by hand, courses, DIY and upcycling workshops, sewing machines you can borrow or rent, and a range of trustworthy tailors in the area who can repair your clothes for a fee.


We therefore decided that what is needed is not another service, course or workshop, but an effort in getting the information out there. 


We believe much more can and should be repaired, not only for the sake of our planet and our wallets, but also to enable everyone to love their favorite clothes for longer and save their time enjoying life instead of looking for new clothes which fit their tastes.   

In order to increase clothing repair, we therefore show you all the options to try it out yourself or get the support of a professional. That way, repair can become easy, fun and for everyone. 


Here you will find (now and in the future): 

  • Inspiration on why repair, through articles and interviews

  • Full overview of tutorials for how to sew by hand

  • A map showing you where you can access sewing machines for free

  • A map showing trusted tailors near you

If you would like to support or be involved, or if you have any suggestions, please contact us on :-)